Baron BearZ Social Club


The vision

Baron BearZ are a sleuth of bearz nestled deep within the den. Teddyz have always represented happiness, companionship and a sense of calm, which is the type of community we are building.

Bearz evade the chaos and greed of this industry by hanging together deep within the den discussing games, vibing as a family and supporting each other.

We are a reminder that everyone has rips, stitches or scars from this market but that it’s made us all stronger, together. 


THe Den

A grind-free Discord where everyone is supported and equal. Vibe with the music, chat about casual games,learn about p2e games or hang with other Bearz all over the world.

Alpha Chat Mirroring

Get access to alpha chats without having to buy their NFTs. You will get access to the chats from projects like BAYC, Okay Bears, Kaiju and more! We "mirror" them all into one Discord for you. Mirror meaning the chats get copied through an API into this Discord. Get all your alpha from all the top projects in one place!

Learn p2e

Bearz love to play. Let our founder with 1.5 years of p2e experience help you navigate this upcoming crypto gaming industry that will take over the world. Chats are organized by game so that you're always in the know.

Bearz Store

Bearz receive a salary within Discord for being a holder. Use this to buy unique and fun items within the Bearz store such as NFTs, merch and more!

Gaming Partnerships

Bearz will be able to take advantage of gaming partnerships by leveraging our guild. This means access to whitelists to games to get in at the absolute bottom.

Gaming Studio

The end goal for Bearz is to build a game studio and develop something special. Fun first, earning second will allow it to sustain. Holders will be airdropped NFTs to begin gameplay.



Founder | Game Nerd


Founder | Branding


founder | Marketing


Pixel Artist


Collaboration Manager


Discord Moderator


Discord Moderator


Ecosystem Developers


WL Mint Price = Free
Public Mint Price = Free if remaining

Royalties are 10% 
This helps up purchase assets and continue building for our end goal

Owning 2 Baron BearZ Gives you access into the den, a social club currently located behind closed doors in disord. ( Will become virtual ) 
Owning 5x Baron BearZ Gives you Access to our Partners Alpha Mirror
Daily Salary to use for Limited edition items in the BearZ store
We will work at incorporating more partnered utilities as they appear. 

The Den will be a virtual hub for all Bearz to create, trade, hangout & converse. 
Community events between partners will also happen here. 

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